Zacuto Horizontal Zwiss Plate V2

Horizontal Zwiss Plate V2
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The Horizontal Zwiss Plate expands upon our standard Zwiss Plate V2 with the addition of our Minimount (via two 10/32 Allen screws – included.) The Zwiss Plate can now be mounted horizontally on 15mm lightweight (60mm spaced) rails. This keeps a low profile kit and is great for tripod use. Now, all four quick release lever controlled rod ports are available to hold your accessories.

You can add rods, articulating arms, and even two of our Wireless Plate Pros to hold audio receivers or transmitters. The Horizontal Zwiss Plate V2 has multiple 3/8 16” and ¼ 20” holes to mount threaded accessories. It comes with the necessary screws to mount a V-Mount or 3 Stud/Gold Mount battery plate, Switronix jetpack, or the AJA Ki Pro Mini. One side of the plate takes the battery plate and the other can take the AJA. You can mount the Minimount to either side in order to use whichever side you need for your accessories. The Horizontal Zwiss Plate can also be mounted vertically in order to use both sides of the plate or for counterbalance with shoulder mounted kits.



Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage


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